Friday, 1 August 2008

Status: July

July 1
11:31am Tim has exited No Booze June with only 6 exceptions.
12:55pm Tim is accelerating for growth.
7:38pm Tim is taking May on a DATE.
10:21pm Tim has to be up early tomorrow.
10:28pm Tim just saw Joe and Clare on TV again - they're both in that very popular Andy Murray clip from yesterdays Wimbledon.

July 2
7:29pm Tim should not try and sing like Beth Gibbons...

July 3
10:45am Tim is not a domestic godess. :(.
7:34pm Tim likes his present from May.

July 4
3:16pm Tim is thinking about packing for Boca.

July 5
4:25pm Tim is watching a Falcon eat a chick at the Hursley 50 celebration.
7:41pm Tim can easily do without going to Miami tomorrow.
8:30pm Tim is listening to the Orchestra at Hursley 50, the brass seem to have some tuning issues.
11:33pm Tim has his alarm set for 6am.

July 6
8:03am Tim is at Heathrow, bound for Miami. Assessing if arms meet the exit row criteria.
7:32pm Tim is benvenido a Miami.

July 7
4:34pm Tim is working in Boca Raton today.

July 9
3:00am Tim 's $40 massage turned out to be an overly greasy full body. "You can take everything off Sir", umm...
4:13pm Tim is still waking up at 6am every morning. So much for jet lag recovering at 1 hour a day.
11:55pm Tim engaging gregarious mode before going out for dinner with clients.

July 10
2:23am Tim just had key lime pie forced upon him. It was good.
3:48pm Tim is presenting Free Form Commands.
8:27pm Tim missed out on a Wii Fit. :(.

July 11
12:34am Tim is going to dinner with Mr Muschett.
4:11am Tim is having an ace time checking out genuine Floridian lifestyl.
4:14am Tim is enjoying some genuine Floridian lifestyle with Brien and has conquered his fear of chicken wings.
4:35pm Tim is telling people what they already know.
7:27pm Tim is going to buy May gifts, then heading for MIA.
10:45pm Tim is bored at MIA, it's a very sparse air side. Boo.

July 12
1:26pm Tim survived the night flight back into LHR, used IRIS for the first time (aces) and is very glad to be back home with May.

July 13
5:22pm Tim is watching House S3, napping and thankful for his May-larm clock.

July 14
9:19am Tim is struggling with getting up.

July 15
9:10am Tim is not impressed by his Nokia forgetting the time and therefore failing as an alarm clock.
11:55pm Tim is nonplussed with Nintendo's E3 showing. Apart from AC:City Folk which is a WANT.

July 16
6:57am Tim is up early again. Taking the first flight to Glasgow today.
6:17pm Tim has been royally shafted by American Express today. My entire itinerary was 1 week out thanks to the travel booking, and the PIN on my corporate card has locked.

July 17
9:18am Tim forgot to pack a book, so went to sleep using the only available reading material. Thanks Gideons...
11:24pm Tim is back from GLA. Presentation went well but have developed a massive mouth ulcer. Taking tomorrow off as flex to compensate excessive travel.

July 18
11:55am Tim has a sore throat and is feeling pretty grumpy.
2:13pm Tim has set off for Leam, currently in new Sainos Starbucks for lunch.
5:03pm Tim is now at Bicester.
11:59pm Tim is at home in Leam, Mum's 60th tomorrow!

July 19
3:02pm Tim is celebrating Mum's 60th with the entire extended family, inc. the brand new baby!
8:37pm Tim has delivered success on Operation Birthday pt 1.

July 21
2:20pm Tim is at day 2 of Mum's 60th celebrations.
8:51pm Tim is on the A34 bound for home.
10:13pm Tim is back home and a little partied out.
11:12pm Tim is in the office today doing expenses and admin.
11:52pm Tim is checking out - where did the option to filter mini-feed by type go?

July 22
7:29pm Tim has 2 parcels to collect, that'll be 2 more pairs of Wovens then.

July 23
9:05am Tim is going to Leeds on the train.
11:15am Tim thinks the dude sat opposite him on the train should stop reading that novel, it keeps upsetting him.
3:34pm Tim is at the Mal in Leeds.

July 24
8:51am Tim is going to Jack's graduation today.
2:03pm Tim has done the official photograpy, lunch now.
4:44pm Tim is concerned that May is a little too excited about going to the hardware store.

July 25
5:21pm Tim is stationary on the M40, where for art thou Venga bus?
9:41pm Tim is throwing shapes with Ed like it's 1992.

July 26
11:20pm Tim liked Wall-E a lot.

July 27
9:02pm Tim has been sunning @ Hillier, playing Halol with basement and tidying.

July 28
5:50pm Tim is thinking antipodean.
7:05pm Tim can't get to Pilates because of the M3 coach fire. Going for a walk instead, then waiting for Mark in the Lemon van.

July 29
12:22pm Tim has 2 new pairs of Wovens, nice!
4:46pm Tim can't get an iPwn after all - O2 have all sorts of extra rules if you want one!

July 30
2:03pm Tim is installing software, then going for a massage.

July 31
10:49am Tim is pleasingly pummeled after last nights massage.
3:28pm Tim can't get the Australian set as good as he'd like.
11:47pm Tim is plotting bank switching for £150 free.

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