Monday, 1 September 2008

Status: August

August 1
6:18pm Tim has commenced the switch to A&L.

August 2
1:04pm Tim is getting work pwned.
2:31pm Tim is in the office, going over and above, no air con.
6:51pm Tim is en route to Fin/Marl, not done with work yet though alas.
11:58pm Tim needs 2 days off in lieu to make up for ridiculous work today.

August 3
7:16pm Tim is tired but happy, been rocking out with Fin & Marl today.
8:57pm Tim is making edits in Ableton for Foxy Beats.

August 4
3:54pm Tim is going to Manchester tomorrow :(.

August 5
5:51am Tim is on the first flight SOU->MAN.
8:47am Tim has consumed more than his daily allowance of fat before 9am.

August 6
9:10am Tim is well rested.
3:14pm Tim 's DS battery is flat, no more DS10 :(.

August 7
9:20am Tim is a bit irritated by getting woken up by the new wireless doorbell playing Old MacDonald randomly in the night.
7:12pm Tim is swimming for the first time in ages.

August 8
1:05pm Tim got severely bashed at Physio and now has his shoulders taped into place.
6:40pm Tim is at Adam and Debs wedding on a table with 2 sweet kids about Fin/Marl age.

August 12
9:52am Tim is twenty nine.
11:19am Tim is at Longleat for his birthday suprise, thanks May!
11:02pm Tim is back home, May got pwnt @ crazy golf.

August 13
9:25am Tim is debating buying a 450D.
9:23pm Tim is eating his birthday Hotel Chocolat - Exuberantly Fruity, yum!

August 14
12:35pm Tim is waiting on May.
3:03pm Tim is drinking too much Coke Zero.
8:03pm Tim is waiting for May pt 2.
11:24pm Tim is trying to select tunes and worrying about music selection.

August 15
9:10am Tim is eyeing the weaking £ and watching his share options.
6:25pm Tim is totally stoked with his lovely gifts from Ant, Hel, the boys and Clara.

August 16
11:09am Tim is making a few last minute re-edits for tonight.
5:05pm Tim is at the Fox, got some good tingling nerves going on.

August 17
12:12am Tim is the best laid plans.
2:19am Tim is home, tired. Don't mix Windows, USB and Serato with a live crowd.
3:45pm Tim is finishing up in Leam and then going home to Winchester.
7:46pm Tim is showing the washing machine some love after returning home to an E20 error message.
10:05pm Tim 's elderly neighbour just phoned to say there's water coming from her ceiling - washing machine disastero.

August 18
8:50pm Tim is listening to Dawkins ballache on about how Darwin is fact and EVERYTHING ELSE IS WRONG.

August 19
2:14pm Tim advises that if you have anything to do today, don't click this link:

August 20
8:57am Tim is watching the man look at the washing machine.
4:25pm Tim is investing his 12 month free overdraft from A&L.
11:27pm Tim has been watching the newly repaired washing machine like a hawk, it seems to be ok.

August 23
11:44am Tim is going to Ant & Hel's party today.
8:58pm Tim is sat round the fire in the field playing with Fin & Marl.
11:24pm Tim is preparing to go in the tent with May.

August 24
12:34am Tim is in the tent with May. Spider disaster 1 has been averted.
1:20pm Tim is embroiled in chaos, in a nice way.

August 25
9:38pm Tim is is watching High School Musical.

August 26
11:13pm Tim is thinking about packing.

August 27
7:29pm Tim just ate the first of the holiday's greasy festival meals. The scalping has begun.

August 28
12:02am Tim is pack pack pack pack.
7:40am Tim is at SOU, again, but going on holiday today woo!
10:49am Tim was doing huge lols at old couple with normal suitcases as cabin baggage and the ensuing chaos.
5:23pm Tim has checked into the Butlers Quarters at Ardkinglas and scoped out Inveraray.
9:13pm Tim is knackered after poor sleep, early start and travel today. Region hacked the dvd player in the butlers quarters to watch House S4. Now in bed.

August 29
2:59pm Tim has arrived at the Connect festival!
9:51pm Tim is at Silent Disco.

August 30
12:34pm Tim is going up Glen Fyne before day 2 of Connect. Yesterday was good, silent disco saved the day after the tedium of the Manics.

August 31
12:02am Tim skipped most of day 2 of Connect due to ill weather and low tolerance for mud & idiots. Finished S4 of House instead, finale was AMAZE.
11:07am Tim is watching the rain.
5:38pm Tim is at Loch Awe.
7:09pm Tim arriving at Connect for the final time, Sigur Ros and Slam tonight.
10:09pm Tim is in the hands of serendipity. Had myofascial release in a teepee at Connect and now awaiting Sigur Ros. Woo!
11:33pm Tim Sigur Ros live, unspeakably beautiful.

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