Saturday, 1 November 2008

Status: October

Sorry for the one month break, and this partial status, the move to the *New* Facebook layout got in my way for a while.

14 October
10:21 Tim checked his O2 bills and found some oddities. £170 refund next month.
18:36 Tim is at LHR T5 trying out Ramsay's Plane Food.
21:34 Tim is awaiting baggage reclaim in FRA.
22:24 Tim is a bit gutted to discover that his hotel contains a thermal spa, given that he didn't bring his trunks.

15 October
17:04 Tim is tired after a day of over-enthusing about speech recognition.
18:24 Tim has been given a wristband for the Voice Days 'banquet'. Ummm...

16 October
15:41 Tim is pumped up about vlingo.
18:30 Tim passing the time in Frankfurt airport with a massage.
22:54 Tim is lolling at n00bs using IRIS at Heathrow.

17 October
10:39 Tim is waiting for Dell and speaking to his Blackberry with vlingo.
12:50 Tim is still waiting for Dell, been eating May's Minstrels and Look What We Found pork meatballs.

18 October
11:44 Tim is playing World of Goo on WiiWare and trying to fix the Tivo.

19 October
14:35 Tim is testing hot tubs.
22:44 Tim is waiting for his 350D to sell.

20 October
23:17 Tim has been eating ice cream and drinking lemsip.

21 October
10:36 Tim has an impressive selection of ulcers under his tongue. Ouch.

22 October
10:28 Tim is getting ready to watch Helen on This Morning, then vote vote vote!
11:14 Tim would like everyone to call 09016 161302 (before 12pm) and vote for my friend Helen to win the This Morning competition!
12:00 Tim is all voted out, lines now closed. Bring on the BT bill.
12:20 Tim is so pleased for Helen. WIN!

23 October
14:20 Tim good do with feeling better. More HSM required.
23:13 Tim is uploading EcoMyParty footage from This Morning to YouTube.

24 October
09:55 Tim is watching this morning and voting for Eco My Party!
11:02 Tim is dialling 09016 161304 - repeatedly.
12:40 Tim is so proud that Helen made the finals, but sad she didn't win.

25 October
20:27 Tim is not seeing Mrs Ranger dressed as Bumblebee.

27 October
15:17 Tim is in the office today, boo. Edinburgh tomorrow.
20:22 Tim can't upload his Marley compilation because the Facebook video upload page is BROKEN.

28 October
20:10 Tim is back from Edinburgh.

29 October
10:51 Tim waiting at home for Benq today.
20:56 Tim has a new Benq, DVI socket working, Dell still not outputting over DVI :(.

30 October
13:37 Tim has his 6500 classic back (fixed, apparently) so Fb mobile is back on.
16:43 Tim 's plane broke down, flight delayed indefinitely. Now on standby.

31 October
15:26 Tim is in Madrid, many travel mishaps yesterday, still don't have luggage.
20:48 Tim still has no luggage, helping May with emergency christening shopping.

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