Friday, 26 December 2008

Quidco, or getting paid to shop: 1 year on

If you haven't come across Quidco, you'll thank me for this post.

Quidco is a website that pays you to go shopping. The idea is that Quidco get paid by retailers to send them traffic, and as a Quidco member for being part of the traffic they share their revenue with you. Sometimes this is as a percentage of your spend, or perhaps as a lump sum. For example, if you take out a car insurance policy with NatWest via the Quidco website, you recieve £75 cashback. The best bit is that you don't have to shop with particular retailers to benefit from Quidco, in the example above you'd already have used to find that Natwest was the cheapest policy, and then rather than going to the Natwest website you'd go to the Quidco website first, and then bingo, £75 cash!

For the privelege of using the service, Quidco keep the first £5 of any earnings you make in a given year, so continuing the example you'd be up £70. Amazing eh?

I just passed my 1 year anniversary of signing up for Quidco, so the whole point of this post is to review my earnings.

The headline is that in 2008, I earned £379.62 from Quidco after the £5 fee. Or, to look at it another way on average I earned 18.24% on purchases through Quidco.  Some of this was on joint stuff like home insurance, energy suppliers etc so I probably should share some of my swilla with May...

If you'd like to see the breakdown of what I earned and where, for what spend, check out my spreadsheet.

If you haven't been using Quidco and are now intrigued, I suggest you start here

How much will you save in 2009?


Anonymous said...

I've found Quidco to be great stuff as well, but don't limit yourself to it. It's worth checking out some of the other cashback sites (like topcashback and rpoints) if what you want to buy isn't covered by quidco.

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