Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Status: November

02 November
03:03 Tim is back from Madrid! Woo!

03 November
22:53 Tim is going to see the Killers tonight at the Royal Albert Hall. Brill!
01:25 Tim is on the train to London, dinner at Leon followed by Killers and Zane Lowe.
03:58 Tim is at the Royal Albert Hall, 20 mins till Zane.

04 November
09:06 Tim just ordered an Ixus 960IS, bargainous £149.99 on Amazon.
19:31 Tim has been stitched up by the AA's savings account.
07:12 Tim 's new Ixus has shipped already, woo Amazon!

05 November
08:25 Tim is watching the election.
15:00 Tim is pleased. You go to bed, wake up and the world has changed for the better. History will remember today.
02:12 Tim is in the FlyBe lounge at Manchester airport watching Neighbours.

06 November
22:27 Tim is in London today. Poland tomorrow.
02:06 Tim is contemplating getting personalised whiteboard markers. I love whiteboards.
03:34 Tim is packing for Poland.
07:26 Tim has made it to Leam for last orders.

07 November
21:28 Tim is at LTN. Think I lost a bit of tooth over lunch, good job we have a dentist with us.
01:41 Tim is in Krakow, watching the Simpsons in Polish.
06:04 Tim is listening to the bugle player atop the tower, it's a warning the tartars are coming.
07:04 Tim is in a shisha bar.

08 November
20:21 Tim is fragile, but up and about.
00:30 Tim is feeling much better now.
04:34 Tim is in the Jewish quarter having frozen cocktails.

09 November
10:43 Tim is playing Blackjack, amazing triple split win ftw.
12:12 Tim is still awake.
18:43 Tim is light on sleep, heavy on headache.
07:32 Tim is in Leamington, one more sleep and then back to May (yay!) tomorrow.

10 November
18:21 Tim is trying to get home, but the traffic and rain are hampering things.

11 November
18:25 Tim is requesting a refund from Amazon, Ixus 960IS now at £129.99!
21:46 Tim is buying the full version of Fantastic Contraption.
07:40 Tim saw the QE2 leaving Southampton for the last time, it's going to become a floating hotel in Dubai.

12 November
20:43 Tim has the Benq working on DVI again, and recalibrated with the Spyder. Big difference over VGA.
01:47 Tim is getting shocking realisations about DJing on Saturday.

13 November
19:48 Tim is not at the office. The office is closed.
02:08 Tim is scared of the new printer/scanner/copier.

14 November
02:29 Tim is sending stuff to Clara.

15 November
23:43 Tim is packed up for not Foxy Beats.
00:30 Tim has departed for Leam.
04:31 Tim has arrived at the venue, smelling slightly of Paco Rabane.
07:20 Tim is wondering what sort of crowd doesn't dance to Groove is in the Heart but gets up for Salt n Pepa?

16 November
08:40 Tim is having a lol at J mixing with both decks on enforced 0%.
21:08 Tim in traffic to Bicester, iPod shuffle making great selections for once.
22:29 Tim just bought a Paul Smith suit.
04:05 Tim is back in Winch. Have moved the wireless dongle to improve reception.
07:56 Tim is not particularly impressed with FB's Blogger import. (Status now grammatically correct).

17 November
08:09 Tim is glad that May has discovered lolcats.
22:13 Tim hopes Animal Crossing arrives today.

18 November
20:01 Tim is ordering a new toothbrush.
07:34 Tim has succeeded. Made Fin's day AND Clara's day.

19 November
14:09 Tim just switched to O2 sim only 500 mins, 600 txts + data for £20/month until the E71 becomes available.
17:23 Tim doesn't have Animal Crossing.

20 November
11:21 Tim has applied a Gmail theme!
22:57 Tim is gently falling in love with Lightroom.

21 November
10:42 Tim has paid off his mortgage with proceeds of selling fish (in Animal Crossing).

22 November
00:56 Tim very much enjoyed the maiden voyage in Joe and Clare's hot tub.
13:04 Tim has realised that he left his boots on the boot of a car back in Winchester. Hope someone finds them.
15:38 Tim is at May's Dad's housewarming. Archers crew, chess crew, work crew and Rosie's family. Amazing scenes.

23 November
20:25 Tim has put 31k in the stalk market.

24 November
13:28 Tim is more than a little bit pwned.
15:58 Tim is calculating VAT savings.

25 November
03:30 Tim is wishing he had some proper toilet cleaner, eco stuff doesn't seem tough enough.
12:01 Tim is poorly sick.
21:16 Tim is getting cheered up by Screen Wipe.

26 November
09:11 Tim is feeling much better today.
13:32 Tim bought a replacement iPod Nano battery.
23:16 Tim is considering importing a Lincoln Mayne tee.

27 November
12:13 Tim is getting his massive hair cut.

28 November
12:45 Tim is at the Fosse retail park, en route for Sherwood Center Parcs.

29 November
19:26 Tim has been in the mud suite, now on to Rajinder Pradesh.

30 November
16:55 Tim has dropped May at the station and fought back through the tards in the Centre Parcs car park.

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