Thursday, 1 January 2009

Status: December

(This month now complete thanks to my soup)

1 December
22:54 Tim had a good time at Pilates. Excited about the pre-Christmas 'masterclass' and party.
16:09 Tim is departing from Leam.
13:36 Tim is finishing up at Centre Parcs.

2 December
18:42 Tim is as yet saviourless. Oh well, hot tub time.
3 December
11:04 Tim is mashing things up.
00:06 Tim is lolling at free £20 from Amazon.

4 December 
21:02 Tim is thinking about a recipe, £175k purchase price with 25% down seems like the needful.
12:03 Tim predicts the new 2% interest rate will NOT be passed onto mortgages, but WILL be passed onto savers.
11:16 Tim is livid at Brown's mortgage help plan. If I had debt, I'd get help, as I have savings I get screwed with low interest rates.

5 December
23:18 Tim has cooked along with Ramsay.
20:02 Tim is disassembling his iPod Nano.
19:28 Tim has no food processor. Hope Gordon doesn't get angry.
14:49 Tim is going ice skating.
10:57 Tim shall be mostly metal dectecting, thanks to cousin Paul forgetting that he had my address as his PayPal delivery address.

6 December
12:42 Tim is playing No More Heroes.

7 December
23:22 Tim is pondering how when you wash the bedding, everything always ends up inside the duvet cover. What is THAT about?
13:38 Tim is getting Christmas ready for May.

8 December
10:24 Tim just got his first Christmas card.

12 December
08:28 Tim fought the iPod with Dean, the iPod won.
16:39 Tim loves the new Netvibes layouts:
02:58 Tim might have a cheeky nap.

13 December
21:03 Tim had an odd night out last night. Verbally pwned a n00b at the bar with my l33t Firefox extension skills AND saw random headbutt violence.
04:01 Tim is 2 dine for £10.

14 December
21:51 Tim is tidying, wrapping and preparing for hosting the 'awesome' Monmouth Square Christmas drinks.
00:52 Tim is anticipating the arrival of the oldies.
07:02 Tim is an icing dervish.

15 December
17:23 Tim would like a smoke alarm that doesn't get triggered by steam.
19:45 Tim is super early for Physio.
02:36 Tim is going to see Coldplay @ the O2.
05:01 Tim is in the O2 in block b2, seat d26. Coldplay is 7 min.
07:25 Tim is embroiled in Jubilee line closure chaos. On 188 bus to Russell Square. Coldplay do a good gig though.

16 December
08:06 Tim has been savioured by the 188 bus driver. Just made the 12.05 to Winch.
18:07 Tim 's drive to work this morning was highly reminiscent of the fog stage in Lotus Turbo Challenge II.
07:49 Tim is now the 6th best assassin in the world.

17 December
06:07 Tim has been to the pilates Christmas do. It was good.

18 December
16:46 Tim is going to Aldi.
20:29 Tim is going to Champneys, via the Little Chef.

19 December
01:40 Tim is striking the right balance of active/inactive. Exercise classes, massage and naps.

20 December
18:12 Tim is checking out of Champneys. On to Guildford.
06:26 Tim seems to have a bug, upset tummy, headache and aches and pains.

21 December
02:59 Tim smells of wood smoke from the hippy gathering, it was good though!

22 December
03:20 Tim is back in Winchester for a few rest days. Sticking to the story that stomach upset was from Champneys detox as that's better than having a poxy virus over xmas.
04:36 Tim is cooking dinner and Tivoing Panorama (aka the Robert Peston show).
05:44 Tim is being punished to save the feckless. Damn right Robert!

23 December
18:11 Tim is avoiding Hollyoaks.
18:31 Tim is trimming Facebook friends.

24 December
09:58 Tim has been working on mashups. Should go to sleep now.
12:13 Tim 's Grandma says he's a scrooge, and that she's disgusted he didn't send a card.
18:48 Tim is in Leamington Spa, anyone out tonight?
22:03 Tim is in the White Horse.

25 December
16:46 Tim has a selection of lovely gifts.

26 December
13:22 Tim is en route to Long Stanton.

27 December
00:55 Tim is lolling at his brother playing Braid.
15:51 Tim went to the final day of Woolies. It was very odd.
21:08 Tim is wearing Christmas socks and playing Escape from Atlantis by Waddingtons games.

28 December
14:23 Tim is pwning May at crap official FB Scrabble.
18:54 Tim is finding old photos to scan, a la Mowlam.

29 December
11:26 Tim is getting ready to go to Marek & Alex's wedding.
15:54 Tim is amazed that PJ is Morcs' date.
19:31 Tim did not win the wedding speech duration sweepstake organised by Giggles.

30 December
14:24 Tim is nursing May and watching his Xbox 360 output weird GFX.
18:04 Tim has the RROD.

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