Sunday, 29 June 2008

Sasha @ the Old Firestation, Bournemouth

If Sasha is one thing as a DJ, it's inconsistent. Because he plays such a wide range of music, whether or not what he's playing matches up with what you want to hear on a given night seems to be pot luck. Additionally, his studio work is a really long way away from what he plays live so if you've got to know him through his production work, one of his DJ sets can be a real surprise.

Of all the times I've seen him live, he probably splits into both good and bad. The good were South West 4, Brixton Academy 2006, Global Gathering 2006, and the Opera House, August 2007. The bad were tonight and Ministry of Sound December 2007.

I'll keep on going to see him I think because every once in a while he pulls out a live show that is pure genius, like his Essential Mix from Maida Vale in 2005. And given his ace studio mix albums Involver and Fundacion NYC
he clearly is capable of playing music I really like.

To wrap up, here's Sasha's set tonight as a Google Chart.

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