Monday, 30 June 2008

Stealth Inflation?

I'm not sure who to believe; the media is telling me that the economy is stuffed, Alistair Darling is telling me that the UK is "well placed to weather the current economic storm". What I do know for sure is that my lunch today is a clear example of inflation in action.

My canteen at work is catered by Compass Group and one of the remaining bastions of good value was the omelette. Whilst the price of the omelette has stayed static, the size of the portion has decreased significantly. I thought that the one I had late last week might have been an anomaly, but todays lunch suggests a deeper, more worrying trend. The signage still says "3 egg omelette" so I don't think the portion size has explicitly been modified, this must be stealth inflation - perhaps a move from large to medium eggs?

Or, for an alternative representation using Google Charts (I love Google Charts!)

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James Morcom said...

Can you chart up the bowl of gravel and sweetcorn that it came with?