Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Status: May

In an effort to ensure this blog gets at least 12 updates a year, I thought I'd start a habbit of posting my Facebook status - here's May 2008 (a little late).

May 1
9:33am Tim had a good long sleep.
4:53pm Tim is preparing things.
10:38pm Tim is beta on A.virary.

May 2
1:36am Tim is tired, but not aleep.
10:11am Tim will be getting ready to board this time tomorrow.
11:45am Tim is Eee. Thanks James!
7:27pm Tim is departure for V minus 11.5 hr.

May 3
6:51am Tim is Gatwick bound.
9:04am Tim is at Gatwick, in a massive queue.
10:43am Tim is on the plane. VS43 to Las Vegas.
11:26pm Tim is in Las Vegas!

May 4
3:48am Tim is struggling to stay awake.
6:31pm Tim is an expert at catching the sun in a stupidly short space of time.

May 5
1:23am Tim is registered and connected.
5:41am Tim is an excercise is studious avoidance.
4:18pm Tim is at the first day of sessions.
11:18pm Tim enjoyed his eDate with May.

May 6
5:00am Tim is doing networking.
3:49pm Tim is navigating through the WSTC education maze.
11:55pm Tim is experimenting with Project Zero.

May 7
4:46pm Tim is digging blueberry bagels.
10:14pm Tim is virtualising.

May 8
12:44am Tim is 9% short of the pass mark.
11:20pm Tim is bored by verbosity.

May 9
3:16pm Tim is May minus 6 hours!
5:33pm Tim is May minus 4 hours!
7:51pm Tim is May minus 1.5 hours!!!!
9:41pm Tim is eagerly awaiting May's arrival.

May 10
3:36pm Tim is setting out for Tropic, UT today.

May 11
2:40am Tim is checking out the Hoodoos.

May 12
4:08am Tim has spent the day above 8000ft in Bryce.

May 13
1:22am Tim has been to Kodachrome and into the canyon at Bryce today.

May 15
1:58am Tim is in Zion with no phone reception.
5:15am Tim is in Zion, raffing someone's satellite internet.

May 17
8:32pm Tim finally has signal again.
10:57pm Tim is baking at 100F.

May 18
8:59am Tim had an ace time with Jane and Michael.

May 19
12:20am Tim is shopping, then going to see Cirque's O.
1:35am Tim has discovered free wireless @ the hotel.
5:25am Tim was stunned by the spectacle of O again. Contortionists are pretty wrong though.
8:57pm Tim is looking for someone who'll break the US Wii Fit release date.

May 20
2:05am Tim has been inside the Hoover dam, next stop the plastination man's Bodies exhibition.
5:56am Tim is overwhelmed by the Planet Hollywood buffet.
11:25pm Tim is boarding VS44.

May 21
10:37am Tim is back in the UK.
7:41pm Tim prefers to use next exclusively. Ie. this weekend = 24th May, next weekend = 31st May.

May 22
10:07am Tim is lagging out.

May 23
2:14pm Tim is pwning n00bs.

May 24
12:26am Tim is going to Eurovision after all.
11:32am Tim is really hoping that his hard disk isn't totally dead. Anyone fancy a fun weekend 'project'?
7:20pm Tim is in the dressing up box.

May 25
1:54am Tim is fishing cheese and onion pringles out of your red wine.

May 26
5:37pm Tim has made rhubarb crumble.
9:54pm Tim is new to Flickr.

May 27
9:07am Tim is tired of Government blunders.
1:16pm Tim is excited for May.

May 28
12:05am Tim heard an awesome Soulwax remix of Muse on Colin Murray and got home to find it on his Soulwax remixes triple vinyl. Thanks for the gift Ant & Hel!
11:34am Tim is racing elephants while all dressed up.

May 29
4:43pm Tim is going to Terminal 5.
6:31pm Tim is experiencing T5, good so far although the robotic xray conveyor belt and automatic box dispensor/collector was a little unnerving.

May 30
2:58pm Tim is in Frankfurt.
4:41pm Tim is on a German train.
5:33pm Tim just got vigorously searched by Frankfurt airport security.

May 31
1:05pm Tim was up early.
4:26pm Tim is having quality Marley time.
6:26pm Tim is a marley & finlay expert.

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