Tuesday, 10 June 2008

You have to start somewhere

New blog, first post - a self interview. Hopefully not too trite.

Name? Tim Poultney
Interweb alias? timdp
DOB? 12/08/1979
Job title? Enterprise Speech Consultant, IBM Industry Business Partner Technical and Strategy Enablement
In English? When you end up on the phone to one of those systems you have to speak to, it's my fault.
Really? Yes, as an expert in speech recognition and IVR systems, I own the technical relationships with IBM business partners that use WebSphere Voice Server in Europe. I'm responsible for ensuring that our BPs make the best possible use of our technology and build excellent solutions.
What tabs are always open in your browser? Facebook, Netvibes (the best content aggregator I've found) and rllmukforum.com (video games forum).
Last 5 technology purchases? 2 year Flickr Pro account, Ableton Live 7 Suite, Dell Vostro 400 (Q6600 4x2.4Ghz, 4Gb RAM, 500Gb storage), Benq FP241WZ , XBox 360 Premium.
Next technology purchase? probably an Atom based netbook, maybe the Eee 1000.
Ideas you've been beaten to? Property-Bee
Last videogames purchased? Call of Duty 4 (Xbox 360), Okami (Wii), No More Heroes (Wii),
Lost Winds (Wii Ware)
Last videogame completed? Lost Winds (Wii Ware)
Last eBay purchase? Nike Air Woven HTM Rainbow 261
Last 3 CDs purchased? Portishead - Third, Renaissance Masters Series: Dave Seaman, ILS - Paranoid Prophets
What's your best advice? Live by "the rule of everybody else"; the rule states that in general people will respond to things in the same way that you do, and that as an individual you judge yourself more critically than you judge others. So, for any given challenging situation, imagine what you'd advise someone else to do in that scenario - then take your own advice.
Best spam received? "
New plan, stay tuned! 1. Do nothing 2. Girl'll find you herself 3. Use our Product V (or C) 4. Have fun ... Profit?" - it was the line "Profit?" that really swung it for me!
Motto? Think awesome, be awesome.

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