Thursday, 17 July 2008

Late to the party: Halo 3 Theatre

I've been replaying Halo 3 co-op on Legendary with Basement and andyw and thought I'd post a few screenies from the almost-great theatre mode.

After me and Rich spent a fair while time trying to recreate the mastery of this, we finally gave up and settled on a more conventional method of taking out a scarab, or so we thought...

1. Something wicked this way comes...

2. What's tha?

3. I can haz?

4. Where's that weak spot then? Hold on, I think I can make that!
5. Travelling... so... s l o w l y

6. Yes, made it. In ur face Elite.

7. See ya, core!

8. Teh winz.

The theatre mode in Halo 3 that enabled me to take those screens is a great idea, but flawed in execution. For Campaign mode, you can only move forward through a movie, not rewind, and the fast forward function tops out a 4x. As you can imagine, gathering these screens took me a little while!


James Morcom said...

Making replays go backwards is far more difficult than going forwards.
Going forwards you can just run a recording of the player's inputs through the game engine. Backwards is just mind-numbingly difficult (or you'd have to just record the movements of everything that can move in every frame, which would be a lot of data).

James Morcom said...

Actually I guess they could allow a limited reverse, like a few seconds or less, by storing the state of the model for the last X frames.