Monday, 14 July 2008

Ocado - stupid name, impressive service

I'm something of a stickler for customer service, but credit where credit is due, Ocado are impressive. We decided to give them a go based on their Tesco Price Match policy on branded goods and also because RSI related issues have made carrying heavy shopping a bit of a ball ache. Sign up was simple and the web site works well - once you've checked out your order you can even go back later to add items as you think of them. They have the required selection of 1/2 price, bogof and 3 for 2 deals and the "you may also like" is pretty accurate. Delivery can be picked in 1hr slots throughout the day and night, all at varying price points and a little green van icon even shows you when the van will be in your area so that you can help them reduce their amount of travel and save the planet.

The emailed receipt contains a .ics calendar file for you to import and they stay in touch with friendly reminder text messages, check this one out: "Dear Mr Poultney. Welcome to Ocado. Here's a little reminder of your 8pm-9pm order. It will be delivered by Tony in Strawberry Van KF53... You have no missing items."

Here's Tony's van:

Your order arrives in colour-coded bio-degradable bags, green for freezer, orange for fridge and purple for cupboard and Ocado ask that you return your bags to the driver of your next delivery. Also included was a welcome pack including a 35g bar of Lindt dark chocolate and a voucher for a free bottle of wine with our next order over £40 before the 28th of July. Way to impress and guarantee repeat business, Ocado clearly get that it's little things that make all the difference.

Also, basement jacks neatly pointed out that RewardNow (available to IBMer and probably other corporate employees) offers an 8.5% discount on Ocado/Waitrose/John Lewis vouchers meaning that we can get a little extra free with each order on top of all the nice things Ocado have given us.

There have only been 2 minor flies in the ointment:
1. Tony was fully an hour and a half early so we missed his first visit.
2. Bruised strawberries, I've requested a refund on the web site (very easy) and they'll action in the next 72 hours.

I think we may now be Ocado devotees. Going to the supermarket is now officially for nOObs.

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