Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Status: June

(I managed to lose the first 5 days here - Facebook has a fairly short memory it seems)

June 6
12:15am Tim is digging Barefoot's cover of Born Slippy.
10:22am Tim is so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night.
5:55pm Tim is unreasonably excited by having an Oyster card.
11:54pm Tim is disappointed with Summer Strallen's overacting but well pleased w ith encountering Dave Seaman in Mal London. Shame it was 4-6.

June 7
6:25pm Tim is defending his title as Tesco Basingstoke charity quiz supremo.

June 8
10:45pm Tim is sad the weekend is over.

June 9
5:56pm Tim is en route to Heathrow, going to Germany. Again.
11:27pm Tim is in Munich, has joined the Holiday Inn loyalty card to get a free drink (No Booze June has a new "working abroad" exception) and has ordered pillo w #2.

June 10
5:39pm Tim is at Munich airport admiring other people's luggage, ah Mandarina Du ck.
8:33pm Tim is back at LHR, pondering the whereabouts of his taxi.

June 11
1:23pm Tim finds parking in Winchester and then catching a train unusable.
11:42pm Tim is now exposed to the stock markets.

June 12
8:13pm Tim is overdrawn through zealous investment.

June 14
3:25pm Tim is still skint.

June 15
2:15pm Tim is operation tidy up.

June 16
2:20pm Tim is uninspired today.

June 17
9:49am Tim is preparing his letter to the Chancellor.
6:23pm Tim is disappointed that Mozilla can't handle the traffic.

June 18
12:23am Tim is rocking Firefox3 - and participated in the world record attempt.
5:01pm Tim is glad he's got a massage tonight.
8:01pm Tim is debating gomusic.ru.

June 21
3:14pm Tim is rocking a new haircut, gratis. Thanks Tom.
8:50pm Tim is impressed by Nicotine Smile.

June 22
12:17pm Tim is at Hillier checking out Art in the Garden's ridiculous prices.
8:25pm Tim is watching EUFOR become pinkpeople.biz.
11:46pm Tim is awake now awake now waaaaaah.

June 23
9:53am Tim is back on the foils.

June 24
7:55pm Tim is back home.

June 27
9:41am Tim is concerned that Labour have been beaten by the BNP in Henley.
2:13pm Tim is working on some IP.
7:57pm Tim is waiting for Fin/Marl to go to sleep.

June 28
4:27pm Tim is tired out from running about in the park and getting elbow dropped by small children.

June 29
12:27am Tim is waiting on Sasha.
3:39pm Tim shopping for Kettles.
6:28pm Tim playing Halo3.
11:50pm Tim is filled with haloumi.

June 30
2:29pm Tim got one of those out of the blue recruitment phone calls.
11:53pm Tim just watched the Assasination of Jesse James.

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