Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Crushingly addictive web games

A few weeks ago thanks to Jamie I became thoroughly engrossed in Desktop Tower Defence (highscores here) and now thanks to Dean I'm consumed by Fantastic Contraption. Fantastic Contraption is Flash game with a nifty physics engine where the goal is to get the red shape into the red area shown on screen. To complicate matters, you have a limited selection of parts from which to build your contraption and you can only build it within the light blue area. Once you've built something and are happy, you click start and just sit back and watch the physics at work. 

The key reason that I've found it so compelling is that because it's physics based, the tiniest of changes to your contraption can yeild surprisingly different results. Also, the engine is complex enough that you can balance, swing, counterwieght and winch to your hearts content.

In a stroke of genius, if you register you can also save your best contraptions to share with the world. Here's a few of mine to get you thinking:

Tips for beginners:
  • Remember you can move the red piece, and even use it as a wheel
  • Momentum is your friend
  • You can make chains of wood/water
What are you waiting for? Get playing!

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