Monday, 6 October 2008

Making smoothies

After the recent revelation in the media about the terrifying percentage of British adults who have no fruit in a given week, I thought I'd post about smoothies.

May and I get a vegetable box from Abel & Cole and we've found that making smoothies is an ace way to use up any spare fruit we have. There are plenty of arguments against smoothies on the ground of their sugar content and it's effects on your teeth/body, but we're still firm fans (and have good dental hygiene!). I can even tolerate bananas now, something which was unthinkable before.

So, what do you need?  Basically, fruit, fruit juice and ice. Here's my basic starter recipe:

1 x banana
1 x tray of ice
1 x other fruit (apple shown)
1 x piece of root ginger

Wash/prepare/cut all of the above and then place into your blender jug. I have a cheapo hand blender, seems to work just fine. I can't see the point in having a specialist smoothie maker. Next, top up with fruit juice (I usually use orange, value is fine) and blend for at least 30 seconds.

Your end result should look something like the picture below and taste delicious. Root ginger is a key inclusion for me, it's great for your health and really sets off the fruit.

Along with the banana, you can use whatever you like. I've had good success with strawberries, mango, apple and raspberries.

  • Peel your root ginger, chop it into fingertip sized pieces and then keep it in the freezer. This makes the process super low fuss.
  • For a Starbucks style super smooth icey smoothie, prepare and chop your fruit and then freeze. Blend from frozen with ice & fruit juice.
  • Experiment with your fruit juices, I've tried orange/apple/cranberry in various combinations.
  • If you're short on fruit, throw in a little bit of sorbet.


Anonymous said...

You're a smoothie

James Morcom said...

Is this your blender?

There's no mention of being able to mash ice with that. All other ones that do ice cost £40+. There is one in Sainos on offer at 40, it's Bosch so can probably blend house bricks

Tim Poultney said...

Mine mashes ice. It cost £15 from Robert Dyas. Beware the stealth ice tax.

PS. I accept no responsibility for exploding blenders.