Tuesday, 30 September 2008

On finding god

He was lying on the floor, near to passport control in Prague Ruzyne International airport. Of course once I'd found him I had to pick him up to keep. Who knew he was laminated?

Seriously though I'm beginning to think that God may be the Hilton HHonours Gold VIP programme. On arrival at the Hilton Prague today I was told that VIP check in were waiting for me on the 8th floor. Once there I was offered a glass of champange as I checked in, and discovered that I get my breakfast in the "Executive lounge", also on the 8th floor. Seems I get some other perks like use of the executive lounge during the day including snacks, drinks and newspapers (as long as I'm "properly attired"), PC access, free meeting room booking, and in room stuff like evening turn down (alas I missed this as I was on the phone and the poor girl got terribly confused).

I've been most impressed by the personal touch when I went back up to the 8th floor reception to ask for a shaving kit (forgot my razor). When I said that I was in room 7057, he said "I know, Mr Poultney, I know.". Good skillz.

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James Morcom said...

Did he look at your special shoes and say "*sigh* Yes Mr Poultney, I know who you are"? :D