Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Aggregation, the next big web thing

So there you are, spreading your little digital fingerprints all around the WWW by creating little pieces of publically viewable data all over the place. Blog here, Flickr there, YouTube this, Digg that, Facebook him, Twitter her, contribute to this, comment on that. Also, if you're like my Dad, you won't be to sure of what the passwords are for your logins on any of those sites, and if your cookie expires or someone logs you out, you'll be deep in the do-do (and probably on the phone to me!).

Where as aggregators such as iGoogle and Netvibes enable you put all your favourite things belonging to other people into one convenient page, is an aggregator that very quickly and easily enables you to gather all of your digital fingerprints into one convenient, automatically updating page. In addition you can skin and decorate your page, and use Tumblr style quick blogging features for adding content to your soup manually. Brilliantly, you can quickly try it out without even signing up.

Perhaps the best feature though is their "Everyone" page, which displays all of the most recent posts to all of the soups and features an excellent never-ending scroll function which dynamically loads more content as you near the bottom of the page. Every time I visit, I find beautiful imagery, videos, quotes, song lyrics... the standard is high enough that I'm treating is as being a bit like a self-managing, always relevant, best of the web. How long it remains that way is a seperate question of course.

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