Sunday, 1 February 2009

Status: January

01 January
01:41 Tim wishes May could feel better and stop throwing up.

02 January
22:05 Tim is working at home today.
06:58 Tim is creating his brother's birthday present.

03 January
18:58 Tim is fixing May's electrolytes.
04:58 Tim is pleased that May is well enough to try playing Scrabble.

04 January
04:06 Tim has been providing May's food service. All's well so far.
07:05 Tim is sorting through stuff from his old PC. Amazing that Facebook has replaced MSN file transfer.

05 January
19:53 Tim is back in the office and thinking about buying a lot of vacation.
06:07 Tim is making lolcats.

06 January
21:06 Tim just got awarded his personal injury claim for car crash 2 years ago. £5k.
02:51 Tim is uploading designs to Spreadshirt.

07 January
02:01 Tim is rocking out - seamless online file sharing/sycnronisation with 2Gb free space.
05:59 Tim is remote controlling his Dad's knackered laptop with logmein.

08 January
20:42 Tim is waiting on CitiLink.

09 January
08:00 Tim is backed up.

10 January
19:50 Tim is doing the Ocado shop.
05:07 Tim is going to see Slumdog Millionaire.

11 January
08:28 Tim thought Slumdog Millionaire was very good. Go see.
02:32 Tim just bought tees from

12 January
07:13 Tim enjoyed watching Million Dollar Traders on BBC2.

13 January
09:32 Tim has upped his Glucosamine intake to 1800mg.
14:20 Tim 's new company car package has arrived. £342 a month.
19:57 Tim really wants a neon gearstick now.

14 January
07:36 Tim is working in London today and the seeing Cirque du Soliel at the Royal Albert Hall.
17:26 Tim is meeting May at Pizza Express on the Southbank.
23:31 Tim really enjoyed Cirque du Soliel, amazing diabolos and tumbling, made all the more exciting by boring clown audience participation sections.

16 January
02:35 Tim 's Xbox360 is back from the service center.
07:08 Tim has had the first creme egg of 2009. It was good.

17 January
20:48 Tim is at the O2, going to BodyWorlds.

18 January
07:39 Tim je down the drain in the morning.

19 January
17:47 Tim is surprised that the markets have risen on the back of the new bank guarantees.
21:24 Tim just got the new 50p from the nice lady at the post office.
04:53 Tim is in bed ill, but absolutely thrilled by news from his bro (no, not a baby).

20 January
20:04 Tim is at home today recovering.
23:38 Tim 's Freeview box seems to have lost reception. Not helpful when wanting to watch the Obamathon.

21 January
05:24 Tim has discovered that actually some tosser electrician has been in the block, and seems to have broken the TV aerial. Missing final Big Chef vs Little Chef.
06:11 Tim just spotted than King Lear feat. Ian McKellen is on Channel 4 online catchup for 4 more days.

22 January
16:38 Tim is a bit obsessed with videos of cats.
07:09 Tim is digging the new serieas of Skins.

23 January

24 January
08:33 Tim has a runny nose.
18:09 Tim is baking pain au chocolat and preparing to start S5 of Lost.
01:14 Tim is in love with the Oxfam music shop, vinyl nostalgia ftw.
06:44 Tim just got back from seeing Frost/Nixon. Stuff that you never knew happened. It was good.

25 January
22:20 Tim is going to Heston's Little Chef.
14:30 Tim got pwned by Heston's Little Chef. I'm too hungry for a 1hr 30 wait for a table.
18:50 Tim is at David Lloyd on a free pass.

26 January
07:52 Tim is standing on the train to London. Rat race me up.

27 January
00:00 Tim got so carried away booking flights to California for Dad's 60th over the phone in a restaurant that he absently used his pen as cutlery.In front of colleagues.
19:48 Tim is massively underestimating the complexity of doing anything in London.

28 January
11:03 Tim is shocked and dismayed by the demise of Pablo Alvarez.
23:25 Tim just got back from seeing The Wrestler. It was pretty brutal. Wondering where May is.

29 January
19:05 Tim walking from London Bridge to St Pauls to meet Paul for a drink. Hoping that Vik's meeting doesn't go on too long.
23:55 Tim had a nice dinner with Paul and Julie. Last night in hotel bed this week and hoping for no bad dreams.

30 January
09:06 Tim is still in London today, home tonight woo! Also just ordered an E71 from O2.
15:16 Tim is enjoying the London friday feeling near Borough Market and really looking forward to coming home.

22:06 Tim reached consensus with May to exit no booze January ahead of schedule.

31 January
12:07 Tim has caught up with Million Dollar Traders, Lost, House and Skins.

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