Sunday, 1 March 2009

Status: February

1 February
22:29 Tim is packing for London.
20:42 Tim hopes the snow which just started won't pwn his early morning rail transport too much.
16:00 Tim just booked holiday to Seefeld in Austria for 21st Feb!
14:07 Tim is wondering what his φλουρι will bring him today.

2 February
22:11 Tim has booked his morning taxi to have another go at getting to London.
08:02 Tim is not going anywhere just yet. Heaviest snow in the South of England for 18 years.

03 February
16:34 Tim is at Winchester station. It's pretty broken today. First London train due in about 40 mins.
18:00 Tim has successfully ignored the SW Trains "do not travel" guidance. Train is warm, has snacks and the sunlit countryside is beautiful.
07:19 Tim is settling down in the Marriott. Trousers are pressed and hung in the technological wardrobe and I've fought my way through the millions of pillows on the bed.

04 February
17:07 Tim is wondering if he has diction problems.
07:13 Tim is back in the Marriott after an evening with the Telford School crew. Bit shocked by Ashwin's Thai restaurant noteriety.

05 February
17:09 Tim is still in London. It's wet. My E71 is arriving today, but in Winchester :(.
00:10 Tim is eating a sherbet Dip Dap and trying to shake off the information overload.
03:38 Tim is going to Pilates in a new age centre in Belgravia.
05:23 Tim is glad to have found a good, and more importantly, very small surrogate Pilates class.
07:35 Tim is seriously pissed off with O2's patchy data coverage in Swiss Cottage tonight.

06 February
17:03 Tim is in the office till lunchtime in London, then coming back to Winchester.
01:41 Tim is back from Physio. Had acupuncture and a minor freak out. Got O2, sugary tea and a biscuit.

07 February
18:31 Tim is sorting out tunes for Ed's birthday.
22:38 Tim is setting off for Leam. Anyone with Google Latitude is welcome to track my progress.

08 February
09:37 Tim is at Ed's 30th, big love to the Lowe tune selection.
23:16 Tim thinks Morcs is pretty pwned because he's uncontactable.
00:44 Tim is on the M40 South in wintery showers. 2 degrees thankfully.
04:27 Tim could really do without going to LDN in the morning.

09 February
16:32 Tim is on the 0818 from Winchester. Bank card declined this morning, d'oh.
20:24 Tim discovered why his card was declined. I thought I wrote a cheque off my savings account (rate hunting), but actually wrote it from my current account.
04:25 Tim is holed up in the Hilton Metropole. Not as much Gold VIP as I was expecting. Good Thai with my Bro near Old Street.
06:30 Tim has been updating his blog with time travelling posts and listening to Backdoor Boogie on Just caught the hotel pool too.

10 February
19:59 Tim has booked into the Electric Brasserie and cinema for May's London birthday.
02:42 Tim is using a scattergun approach to try and find a massage therapist in London.

11 February
01:52 Tim is off to meet May at Waterloo shortly.

12 February
02:23 Tim just made the 1805 home from London. Hotel du Vin tonight for May's birthday.
06:21 Tim enjoyed Hotel du Vin a lot, nice to be at home too. Dreading morning commute though. :(.

13 February
03:39 Tim is going to the Royal Oak for May's birthday drinks.

14 February
00:26 Tim is going to see Ant & Helen, Mango and Finbot, and BABY SEB.
02:51 Tim is actually staying at home tonight now.

15 February
19:55 Tim had forgotten how small newborns are. Baby Seb is nice though.
03:49 Tim went to work to get his Barclays calculator, it was rabbittastic.

16 February
16:21 Tim would have bought a super cheap 7 day Travelcard, but it turns out you need a photo card for one of them.

17 February
20:57 Tim is working in London again.
06:18 Tim had very tasty pork belly at Roast above Borough Market and shared the dining room with Louis Hamilton.

18 February
02:13 Tim is en route to massage in London,then having another go at getting into Heston's Little Chef.
07:51 Tim is back from Heston's Little Chef. Food was good, and cheaper than expected but less overtly brilliant than I'd hoped.

19 February
03:42 Tim is coming home to Winchester tonight to try and do a bit of pre-holiday packing, and then back to London in the AM.

20 February
03:49 Tim would like a recommendation for travel insurance.
05:35 Tim is packing for holiday to Seefeld. 24-105 L is awesome, but I don't have a 77mm filter ring. Boo.

21 February
19:19 Tim is on OE-LNQ at Bournemouth airport. Boarding chaos thanks to computer failure now resolved. Tolerance levels very low.

22 February
08:43 Tim just woke up in Seefeld, Austria. Light snow and overcast. Breakfast now, and then pick up cross country skis.
16:50 Tim did a gentle 3k cross country skiing today and saw the Tirol mask festival (think Morris dancing but much better).

23 February
11:02 Tim is on the bus to Wildmoos. Going to get my first stamp for my cross country medal. 40km required for bronze.
17:01 Tim has sore legs from cross country. snow all day. Off to ski instructors show, then potentially lolarious fancy dress hotel dinner.
17:03 Tim has sore legs from cross country. Off to ski instructors show, then potentially lolarious fancy dress dinner at hotel.

24 February
08:10 Tim has been watching the snow in Seefeld for over 24 hours. Thick and heavy this morning.
14:43 Tim is amazed by the constant, very heavy snowfall in Seefeld. Way more snow than the UK snowpocalypse, and yet the buses still totally punctual.
20:43 Tim did about 7.5k cross country today in heavy snow. Got my skis waxed tonight as it was they were pretty sticky today. Topped out at 11.3k/h.

25 February
10:14 Tim is doing downhill today at the Rosshutte, ah ski boots how I've missed you.
17:43 Tim had a beautiful day on the slopes today. Bright sunshine all day and lovely piste. GPS says I hit 43km/h.
21:47 Tim got 2nd place in the Crystal/Inghams quiz, aided by a selection of retired British XC skiers.

26 February
14:38 Tim just finished 15k of XC skiing. Knackered now, naked sauna me up. Impressed myself by hitting 32k/h.

27 February
09:43 Tim is sad to be on last day of holiday. Boo hiss.

28 February
04:43 Tim is waiting for the Crystal rep's pick up to get to Innsbruck airport. It's a bit too early.
08:55 Tim just landed at Bournemouth airport.
21:13 Tim is unpacked, and all caught up with Lost, Skins and House.

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