Monday, 13 April 2009

Status: March

01 March
13:06 Tim is generating quotes for a new company car.
21:28 Tim is putting the finishing touches to his Seefeld video.

02 March
07:14 Tim slept terribly, and now has to commute to London. :(.
21:59 Tim is loving the new Calvin Harris tune.

04 March
08:03 Tim just missed his first commuter train due to morning hot tub and unfamiliar Basingstoke ticket machine.
20:42 Tim is checked into the Metropole again. Off out to meet PLS for dinner, eating complimentary cookie as I go.

05 March
17:47 Tim is off to The Rake to meet Vik.
19:41 Tim thinks maybe synchronising podcasts over 3G made O2 angry. 475mb today = packet data authorisation failure.
20:51 Tim is back in the game, seems O2 kiss and make up quickly. Now, I wonder where that limit is?

06 March
08:38 Tim Jubilee line FAIL, so walking from Waterloo in the sunshine.
13:39 Tim is avoiding the Jubilee line and waiting for the Thames Clipper. It's late and I hate waiting.
19:48 Tim is cooking sausages from the Ginger Pig in Borough Market and being generally grumpy.

07 March
17:37 Tim has been tidying all day, the flat looks ace. Doing some final logistics before HSM3 then maiden voyage to Oceana.

09 March
04:05 Tim is developing a serious addiction to M&S sweets. Percy Pig & Wiggly Worms FTW.

10 March
15:48 Tim has performed his first properly smooth commute. Suspect this is more luck than judgement.

11 March
15:11 Tim is on the train trying out his new breakfast kit. Too much milk today.

12 March
16:07 Tim has a stinking sore throat.
06:33 Tim had a nice evening with Ant and successfully escaped the one man advert against alcoholism that was at the Hilton bar.

13 March
14:28 Tim just woke up from a weird dream and had a 'where am I?' moment. So much for my planned little lie in.
00:09 Tim has been using Facebook mobile all week and is now having a "new home page" freakout.

14 March
17:40 Tim just bought a netbook, Lenovo S10e White, Linux + 6 cell battery - £259.
19:01 Tim is hoping that the Estee Lauder shop doesn't disappoint May too much. She's been having dreams about it all week.
02:31 Tim is getting a bit obsessive about collecting Hilton points.
03:24 Tim is checking out his hairdresser's band -
06:08 Tim is trying to resist peeking as May prints out logistics for tomorrow's 6 year anniversary surprise.

15 March
20:58 Tim is spamming his neighbours to see if he can buy their houses on the cheap.
21:25 Tim is off to destination unknown for 6 year anniversary surprise planned by May.

16 March
02:30 Tim is back from surprise visit to Hotel du Vin in Poole. Thanks lovely May! Just a bit gutted I felt so ill throughout - damn you flu thing.

17 March
01:07 Tim is feeling a bit healthier today, enough to commute up to London for work. Meeting Stef tonight.
05:55 Tim has forgotten his toothbrush, waiting on Hilton to bring one. Wishing May was here so I could just use hers.

18 March
04:08 Tim is at the iMax to see Watchmen. It's rammo.

19 March
10:07 Tim enjoyed the first 2/3 of Watchmen, great narrative style and looks gorgeous. Final 3rd (after jailbreak) was a load of trite, predictable shit. Plot FAIL.
02:05 Tim is on the First Great Western service to Oxford for May's PGDip graduation feeling proud, Staying at the converted prison Malmaison too.

20 March
09:34 Tim is bedding down in the amazing Malmaison Oxford, our room is 3 prison cells knocked together. Best renovated hotel in UK, FACT.
16:38 Tim is on the 0731 from Oxford to Paddington. Bit sad to leave May snoozing in the beautiful Malmaison 'cell'.
22:32 Tim is developing a love hate relationship with Borough market. Taste buds love, wallet hates.
02:16 Tim really needs to stop buying day returns instead of open returns. Stupid automated ticket machines.

21 March
09:32 Tim had fresh ravioli from the market for tea, it was delicious.
17:57 Tim is up early and has caught up on Skins. I heart Emily.

23 March
17:18 Tim had an excellent weekend with Ed and is now feeling travel sick and sad on the commuter train.

24 March
16:58 Tim is on the train again. Sainos Rice Pops have very disappointing snap crackle and pop. Think I'll have to switch to branded variety box.
01:22 Tim is daydreaming about buying some rollerblades and skating to work along the south bank from Waterloo.
04:14 Tim is going to Hotel du Vin Winchester on the 2009 voucher tonight, now extended to end of April. Go to your nearest.

25 March
17:37 Tim just read about the EOS 500D. They've trickled the 1080P video recording down from the 5DII.
20:38 Tim just got asked if he'd consider a trip to Dehli for work.
22:51 Tim is cursing Twitter for causing .
07:12 Tim is not waiting 40 minutes for Hilton room service. Going to forage on Edgeware Road.

26 March
08:23 Tim defaulted to McDonalds. I feel dirty, Won McFlurry and hot drink on Monopoly though.
16:11 Tim just woke up about 5 seconds before my alarm went off. Spooky.
02:31 Tim is off for massage in Pimlico, then Pilates in Belgravia.

27 March
04:19 Tim is on the LOLtrain. It's rocking around, rattling and has many hilarious people and announcements. Campest man ever on my left with good value phone calls.

28 March
20:03 Tim 's new netbook doesn't want to be ghosted (NIC won't load). It's about to get blasted for Windows 7.
23:47 Tim 's netbook is now purring along happily! I'm quite impressed.

29 March
11:58 Tim has been playing Guitar Hero and drinking cocktails all night.

30 March
04:10 Tim left his wallet on the train this morning, and still doesn't have it. Do I remain trusting & hopeful and try lost property at Waterloo in the morning, or give up faith in humanity and go on an cancelathon? YOU DECIDE.
07:10 Tim has cancelled all his cards. was incredibly useful.

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