Monday, 15 June 2009

Status: May

May 1
08:58 Tim wishes May a happy official birthday.

May 2
16:34 Tim is en route to Cambridge to see his bro and watch May run the GEAR 10k.

May 3
09:13 Tim is waiting for the train to Kings Lynn with the running crew.
11:58 Tim is proud of May and Chris, 10k in just over an hour.
16:47 May & Chris in the Gear 10k (plus Dan, James & Steve)
19:08 Tim is moving hands so Comfortable hot air is sent out automatically.

May 4
17:34 Tim is back from Cambridge via Hatfield Galleria, Hatefield Galleria more like. Bit spooked by May's ability to make cars pull in one lane by pointing at them.

May 5
22:25 Tim is a bit confused as to why his status didn't update with the link to his new breaks mix:

May 6
22:45 Tim is a bit freaked out by the face transplant woman.

May 7
08:51 Tim is trying to develop an advanced internal radar for swine flu on the tub. All you sneezeers and snorters watch out.

May 8
00:03 Tim had a very nice dinner at Roast with May, teh Marsh, a surprise Dean and Em and a last minute Simpso.
13:41 Tim is being the design AUTHORITY. And picking up bits of Hindi.
18:07 Tim has learnt a valuable lesson. Never ever ever turn up at Waterloo at this time without a ticket. Ever. Never ever.

May 9
15:02 Tim dun did another run. Short and fast baby:
18:00 Tim is heading for Basement's.

May 10
00:41 Tim is a bit concerned that 54% of the UK swine flu cases are in London, and at the moment I spend ~64% of my time there.
17:11 Tim has been playing Lit on WiiWare and is now making rhubarb crumble.

May 11
09:37 Tim has had the bit of tooth enamel that fell off on Marek's stag do replaced. Mouth feels weird.
21:05 Tim has made it to Brindisa with Vince. Bring on the acorn fed charcuterie.

May 12
14:32 Tim just had a really posh palma violet. Surprisingly it didn't taste of soap.

May 13
08:01 Tim is on the train to LDN from BSK (Amazingstoke). Yawn.
16:22 Tim has successfully used his work issued anti-swine flu surface disinfectant wipes to remove a pasta sauce stain from his raincoat.

May 14
09:11 Tim thinks anyone who can not notice they've paid of a mortgage for 18 months and 'accidentally' claim £16k expenses AND who has the facility to immediately pay that sum back needs sacking.
19:59 Tim is feeling the pressure at work. Relaxing tonight with massage and now dinner at Jenny Lo's tea house. Phew.

May 15
09:27 Tim is listening to Bloc Party remixed on Spotify.
18:13 Tim is on the train after a tough week at work. Using the time to review someone else's work and it's making me want to cry.
20:23 Tim is back home, out of work mode and getting looked after by May. Have also attempted to run my stress off:

May 16
11:43 Tim is on his way to Stratford-upon-Avon for a wedding.

May 17
17:50 Tim enjoyed the wedding and avoided the nerds. Fixed parents PC woes and saw Alex, Max and Cass this afternoon.

May 18
08:35 Tim feels like he's running late, but yet it's still early. Weird.
14:58 Tim maintains there are few things worse than a bad mouth ulcer.
19:48 Tim has been listening to remix albums on Spotify all day, 480mb over O2 3G, think I might find the upper limit this week.

May 19
12:13 Tim just squeezed one big spot.
19:45 Tim is meeting his bro in London for dinner.
23:00 Tim holed up in the Metropole, sigh.

May 20
11:25 Tim is close to having cashless catering induced groin strain. Put £20 onto card to buy breakfast, then refunded it. Have 16 pound coins and shrapnel in my pocket.
22:54 Tim has cheered up after some bad ass Turkish food and a good old rant with Simpso.

May 21
22:18 Tim left work a 10pm tonight, pwned. Did go out for a trendy LDN run along the Southbank before going back to finish up though: - In Wagamama now for duck gyoza, ginger chicken udon, ginger beer and sparkling water.

May 22
08:12 Tim had a little lie in this morning and is now having a crack at getting into the M&S penny bazaar.
18:48 Tim has finished another week in London, thank This time next week I'll be flying to San Francisco, woo!

May 23
00:50 Tim 's mix website has not translated well to the new server. Botched solution in place at
12:42 Tim is getting a hair cut then heading to Windsor for a night in a spa hotel.

May 24
09:40 Tim is in the Stables Spa, Windsor. Next stop, the castle.
12:54 Tim is sat outside at Ha ha in Windsor. It's an amazing spot for watching loads of people take the same bad photo of a fake steam train with the SLRs. All with pop-up flash enabled.
14:39 Tim is hanging out at the Queen's house. Glorious weather in Windsor, sat at the bandstand listening to the regiment play.
22:28 Tim is feeling pretty pleased with his new profile picture.

May 26
14:59 Tim wishes Vik get well soon. Any LDN people fancy a gig with me tonight at 333 Old Street?
20:22 Tim only has 2 working days till holiday. Quick dinner at Wagamama then off to Old Street to see
22:14 Tim just remembered tapes. They were pretty awesome. Hanging out to hear the headliners for comparison.

May 27
12:01 Tim is anxious now that his parents are on the plane to San Francisco.
19:31 Tim just discovered he can track his parents flying location in real time, amaze:
22:34 Tim is attempting a high risk item transfer with Munns at Basingstoke station, the idea is he gets a platform ticket and then I hop off and back on the train for the pick up.

May 28
08:20 Tim is adopting an "if I don't have it, I don't need it" approach to rapid packing.
09:56 Tim is watching the guy on the opposite table on the train getting drunk. He's on his 3rd can in 40 minutes and has his 2 young teenage daughters with him. He's making me real mad.
19:38 Tim is officially on holiday having just had a massage. Shame I haven't quite finished work and need to pop back in for an hour.
21:55 Tim is now officially officially on holiday. Work delivered, now tube to Heathrow to meet ny brother,.

May 29
10:27 Tim is checked in for SFO with Chris, bagel breakfast complete now onto shopping.
11:12 Tim is onboard VS019 'Mustang Sally' 1130 from LHR to SFO. See you in 10h2min.

May 30
00:11 Tim has landed in San Francisco, bit late so nap time squeezed out of schedule and failed to sleep on the plane. Alcatraz night tour and Mr Scruff looming.
03:14 Tim is totally on Alcatraz.
18:47 Tim is a cool San Francisco runner: 2km before breakfast. Off to shop and satisfy May's American Eagle needs now. Baseball tonight.

May 31
02:57 Tim is totally at the baseball. It's pretty wicked. Great seats.
08:22 Tim saw the baseball, the home team got thrashed, then met up with some noisy drunken rednecks and got bought a beer by them. Also left an impromptu voicemail cuss on one of their friends answerphones.
16:24 Tim is trying to find an emergency doctor/dentist for his Dad. Here comes my first experience of US health care. Wallet at the ready.
19:10 Tim has sorted out his Dad's medical crisis for now. $320 has resulted in an array of pills including Vicodin. Now to sort the defective hire car.

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