Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Status: June

June 1
07:05 Tim has had a really long day. In Monterey, CA now. Dad still suffering waves of intense pain every few hours, I can't remember having seen him like this ever. Called the Doc and he arranged a prescription of maximum strength vicodin for us to pick up on arrival in Monterey.

June 2
00:16 Tim is at the dentist in Carmel with his Dad.
01:55 Tim is pretty overwhelmed by the kindness of Californians. The camp dentist looked at Dad, did an x-ray and referred him to a specialist free of charge. Apparently he has the 'best infection of 2009' in his jaw. Off to see surgeon tomorrow.
06:06 Tim has had another long day. After dentist, drove Dad round 17 Mile Drive on the Monterey peninsula and visited Pebble Beach golf course. Fingers crossed that his swollen face and infection are much improved by tomorrow and that dental surgery is not required.
21:02 Tim is back in the dentist's waiting room, Dad getting sedated for absess draining and a tooth extraction.

June 3
01:11 Tim is out whale watching on the Pacific Ocean.
07:04 Tim has had quite a day. Dad's tooth extraction and then seeing humpback whales, pacific dolphins and seals in Monterey bay.
18:14 Tim is having a better day. Dad is up and out, and has taken his camera, so he must be feeling a lot better. Long drive ahead today though, south on 1 to McWay waterfall, then loop back north before heading to Yosemite.

June 6
22:59 Tim is in Yosemite National Park. Beautiful things are all around. Only May is missing.

June 9
06:27 Tim is in the Ahwanee Hotel, Yosemite National Park, CA on the free wifi. Back to the UK on Thursday.
18:49 Tim is going rafting on the river Merced.

June 10
18:29 Tim is headed for home. Drive from Yosemite to San Francisco and then Virgin Premium Economy to Heathrow. A lot of sitting to be done today.

June 11
00:41 Tim now boarding VS20 from SFO to LHR.
11:44 Tim is back in the UK. Mum is a bit planed out and near sprinted off the plane and headed for the nearest loo looking sick.
19:46 Tim is back at home and very grateful to May for the airport pick-up.

June 13
13:19 Tim is - god damn Tim De Pauw in Belgium for bagging timdp.
16:02 Tim is going camping on Purbeck. Yeah!

June 14
19:46 Tim is rocking out the red neck look. A shit load of factor 20 doesn't cut it for my pasty ghost skin it seems. Time to stop pissing about and get a load of factor 50.

June 15
08:36 Tim is back from holiday with a bump, back on the commuter train to LDN. Backdoor Boogie in my ears making it bearable.
18:35 Tim is not in California anymore. I'd forgotten the barely concealed looks of hatred you get from fellow commuters just for sitting down.

June 16
08:45 Tim is working on the train and listening to Backdoor Boogie again. Hayfever quotient is high today.
16:12 Tim is amazed by Audi UK. They have no A3 2.0 Tdi SE Sportsbacks available in the whole of the UK for demonstration. I'd better get the Beemer then.
19:29 Tim rocked out a short LDN run, 2.05k in 9.42. Now on the train to Basingstoke for hot tub and bbq. Girl sat next to me's pink see through thong is massively on display.

June 17
23:39 Tim is at Finchley Road by mistake. Whoops, not paying enough attention to tube route.

June 18
09:01 Tim had his worst nights sleep at the Metropole this year. West Wing rooms overlooking the flyover FTL.
18:03 Tim is running late for massage in Pimlico. Boo.
22:21 Tim is catching up with the Malmaison crew's music recommendations from last night. Now playing: The Presets.

June 19
07:58 Tim is listening to some idiots talking crap on the train.
19:14 Tim has finished work and is off out round London Bridge for Gaurav's leaving do.

June 20
13:24 Tim is at the Audi garage waiting on a test drive of an A3 SE.
16:10 Tim is off to London to meet Tom. After spotting Da Screen in the same carriage as me I've been studiously avoiding his gaze. Thank jeebus for the A3 brochure.
21:08 Tim is full of Persian food and headed for Amazingstoke for hot tub before May's 5k tomorrow.

June 21
10:58 Tim is at the Basingstoke Race for Life. Go May and Clare!
11:47 Tim is really proud of May, 27.16 in the Basingstoke Race for Life 5k.

June 22
19:08 Tim 's mental sprint through Waterloo, running up the escalators 2 steps at a time, has got him onto the 1905. Woo!

June 23
07:52 Tim 's word for the day is 'earlier'. Another sprint, another train caught by seconds. Thanks to the kind guard who let me on.
18:57 Tim is NOT at a TweetUp. In your face Tweetees!
23:37 Tim has fixed the unfixable wifi on May's laptop. In your face DSIS. If I got LEAP working too, I am god.

June 24
08:08 Tim is inspecting the lousy change he's picked up in London so far this week. One '10p' (quarter dollar), a Gibralta pound coin and an Isle of Man 20p. Check your change.
11:38 Tim just had a massive mouse related LOL. Brave 3rd floor office mouse caused a full on scream by mooching around on the floor.
17:58 Tim is going to Boxwood Cafe for dinner tonight. In your face Gordon Ramsay.
22:51 Tim thought the Boxwood Cafe was ok, food on a par with Malmaison, slightly nicer ambience and service. Malmaison on the 2009 voucher wins hands down on price and cool factor though.

June 25
12:12 Tim is meeting May for lunch at Leon behind the Tate Modern, what a nice treat!
19:06 Tim is really pleased that the combination of physio and massage has stopped his arms hurting, woo!

June 26
09:06 Tim is travelling light today so he can run after work. As such, no netbook today so making do with Radio 1 through my E71.
12:57 Tim is using his work issue anti-swine flu hard surface wipes to remove Borough market lunch stains from his raincoat.
17:56 Tim gave a new meaning to running for the train with a run from work to Waterloo:
23:46 Tim is answering the age old question of whether or not you can tell the difference between coke from a bottle (glass vs plastic) or a can using statistics.

June 27
15:49 Tim is on a narrow boat on the Stratford canal. I understand the naming now.

June 28
10:42 Tim is lying atop a narrow boat on the Stratford canal, covered in factor 50. It's a beautiful day today.
14:55 Tim is operating canal locks. Who knew lock doors weighed 2500kg?

June 29
18:42 Tim is all boated out. Looking forward to getting home and relaxing. Need to pack for Prague though.

June 30
18:39 Tim is filling out his visa for India.

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