Friday, 2 April 2010

Devising a new household budget

We've finally bought a house so the finances are under scrutiny. I've been analysing the joint account transactions from the last year with a view to generating a new budget plan for this year and have discovered the following:
  • ~43% of our spending goes on food (food + eating out + veg box)
  • We spend more on TV licence than broadband (I know which I get better value from)
  • Our veg box costs more than our water rates
The categorisation was only done roughly so I'm sure the "Food" category contains plenty which isn't but it was easiest to just mark all Sainos and M&S spending as food.

We're also switching the joint account from Cahoot (who don't do faster payments, still!) to A&L so this data was all extracted from Cahoot. Alas they have no nice export tools, so this is all derived from a lot of cut & pasting and Google Spreadsheets.

(click for big)


Unknown said...

For the sake of accuracy I feel I should point out that this only covers our 'bills' - joint expenses to do with the flat/house. Things like holidays, presents, clothes aren't covered here!

Jez said...

Am I not allowed to come to your special drum and bass night Tim this weekend?

Anonymous said...

IT IS A VERY NICE SUGGESTION, THANK YOU LOTS! ........................................